Note for W-shop

Thank you for having interest from oversea.

This service is what "WorldShopping" purchase the goods from us behalf of you.
After that, "WorldShopping" arrange to export the goods to you.

When you purchase via "WorldShopping", please note following points.
1. The shipping charge from "WorldShopping" to you is estimated after first settlement.(First settlement includes goods amount, and shipping charge from us to "WorldShopping", and the fee against "WorldShopping". )

2. Even if first settlement was done successfuly,
there are cases that the goods which "WorldShopping" judge not to be able to export is canceled.
In that case , the goods amount pay back to you in after.

If you want to purchase directly,
sorry trouble but please close popup window of "WorldShopping".
Please request an estimate by E-mail.