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居合刀 Iaito  #761  厚口刀身 Heavy model

71,500 JPY

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  • 2.60尺 茶 Brown / 茶石目鞘 Brown-ishime-saya

    71,500 JPY

サイズは刀身(切先端からハバキまで)の長さです。 重さ(抜き身)1000g 前後 全長(鞘含):111cm 柄長さ:9寸 亜鉛合金製刀身・刃紋:二重刃紋 or 直刃・車輪に菊図透鍔・縁頭:網代・目貫:竹虎・真鍮ハバキ 柄巻:木綿・下緒:木綿 ※掛台は付属しません。 The size is the length of the blade (from the Habaki to tip of blade). Weight (Without saya): Around 1000g Tsuka length: 27cm Total length (including saya): 111cm Zinc alloy blade / Double line hamon or Straight hamon /Tsuba: Sharin-ni-kikuzu-sukashi / Fuchi-kashira: wickerwork / Menuki: Bamboo & tiger / Habaki: Brass Tsuka : Cotton/ Sageo: Cotton *The stand is not included. ※本製品は合金にメッキを施した模造刀であり刃物には該当いたしません。   This product is an imitation sword that has been plated on an alloy and does not fall under the category of a knife.

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